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Accurate Locations

Accurate global locations

Scale SERP delivers Google SERP data from any geographic location using the Scale SERP Locations API and our global network of 110m+ proxies to ensure accuracy.
Geo Locations
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Search by country, city - even zip code.

Run hyper-local search queries with Scale SERP. Refine your search query to a specific state, region, city all the way down to postal/zip code. Combine Locations with our country and language parameters to get SERP.
reliable local listings
accurate local SEO analysis
excellent at very accurate localized SERPs.
Local Pack

Great companies use Freshgeo to power their data models.

Location API

Retrieve local business data listings

excellent at very accurate localized SERPs

The industry-leading locations API

Scale SERP delivers accurate local listings data. See which competitors are promoting their ads within a specific location and get full local business listings. Use our Google Places output to get business contact details, addresses, GPS coordinates and more!
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Leading powerful locations API.

Use our free of charge Locations API to quickly retrieve Google-supported locations. Use the Locations API in your queries or expose location-search directly to your apps’ users and deliver an awesome end-user experience.
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Search by zip/postal code universally

Just pass the zip/postal code into your Search API request using the "location" parameter. Use the Locations API to search Google for supported zipcodes. Use our Live Demo to test searching locations for free.
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