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Leverage all available data to inform decision making

Amidst the exponential growth in travel and hospitality listing websites.
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Great companies use Freshgeo to power their data models.

Source regular data feeds

Automate and perfect marketing strategies by making use of big data sourced regularly from the largest travel.
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Price Tracking

Track competitors’ prices

In the competitive travel market where customers can easily switch brands based on their preferences, price could be a deciding factor.
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Enrich listings by scraping images, descriptions

Ensuring listing information is accurate and up-to-date is an important criteria for online travel sites if they are to deliver industry-leading experience.

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Competitor A 58%
Competitor B 25%
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Stay ahead of competition by following the latest travel trends

Freshgeo makes it easier to access api data across any number of websites to give you the edge you need to rise above your competitors in the travel industry.

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Real-Time data intelligence for all major industries

Some example use cases across a few industries we serve

E-Commerce & Retail

Monitor competitors' prices, inventory, performance, best sellers etc.

Travel & Hospitality

Capture images & descriptions to enrich online travel listings.
Customer sentiment monitoring

Marketing & Sales

Competitive research, market analysis, trend analysis, etc.

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