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Extract actionable data

Managed enterprise proxies for large-scale data analytics

Meet any web data extraction challenge with battle tested high speed network
Geo Locations
Network monitoring for uptime
dedicated network to power your data pipeline

Super scaleable data network

With request throttling and hundreds of heuristics to ensure industry-leading success rates.
In-banner video (IBV) and banner
Partner and benchmarking
BI layer & Content verticals
Blocked domains (customised)

Great companies use Freshgeo to power their data models.

Auto Redirects

Covering every aspect of ad quality

Deliver more, spend less

Give your ad supply partners a superb experience and empower your ad operations teams with programmatically delivered insights in real time

Get proactive with ad security

Monitor SLA breaches and content violations in real time across the global ad networks to stay compliant with policies.

Realtime city level data

Freshgeo network enables you to access city level serp data to power your seo marketing efforts in realtime.
With Freshgeo, we can set different rules for different publishers We can efficiently ensure to deliver compliant ads on networks.
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