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We are dedicated to providing businesses, brands, and organizations with web data that is specific, useful, customizable, and most importantly, scalable

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We empower everyone to create something remarkable

As an innovative community of people dedicated to providing solutions using ethically obtained web data, we constantly strive to create newer and better ways for businesses, brands, and organizations to use data. Data is indeed valuable, but when properly utilized data becomes not just valuable but also priceless.

We aim to empower all our clients by providing them with data intelligence that enables them to take full advantage of our Data-driven world.

Building a Future that we can be proud of

FreshGeo is creating opportunities for businesses to thrive using information and web Data. By gathering and providing refined web data, We are directly helping organizations build customized products and services that truly enhance business development and growth.

What is Freshgeo's mission?

Transform the data insights experience for all. We believe that the future of data services is cloud-based and decentralized. By focusing on the data management experience, we can have an even greater impact on how society engages with, delivers, and experiences data services.

What’s it like working at Freshgeo?

It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s rewarding. If you’re ready to do some of the best work of your career, Freshgeo's for you.

What are we proud of?

We’re innovative, but thoughtful about it. We update our product a lot, but it’s based on real research. We want to deliver a solution that actually helps our customers. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Data is our passion, Here is why:

1. Data drives Solutions

The 21st century is driven by web data, These data have always proven to help develop solutions to world problems. We want to be a part of that.

2. Data Improves Lives

The specificity of the web data that FreshGeo provides enables organizations in different niches and scopes to develop tailored solutions that improve human life.

3. Data breeds innovations

When raw data is processed, Organized, And made usable it becomes valuable information, This information is the pillar that innovators build on. Without data, Innovations wouldn’t happen.

4. Data connects People

With over 7billion people in different places around the world, FreshGoe’s web data connects people using its globally distributed network.

Our  Team

Sathish Ganesh


Steffan K

Head of Technology

Vincent Hawley

People Operations & Partnerships

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