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Rank Tracker API

Track any search engine local rankings

Check keyword rankings via our Real-Time local rank tracker API. Get access to full SERP data in raw-HTML or parsed-JSON format.
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Keyword rankings tracker API

Monitor your rankings on any search engine on both desktop and mobile. Build your own SEO Keyword rank tracking and reporting solution based on our rank tracker API. Available data types:
Local keyword rankings
Maps rankings
Images and videos rankings
News and Shopping rankings

Great companies use Freshgeo to power their data models.

Keyword ranking API

Why do you need to track keyword ranking

Get data as it changes in real time

The industry-leading SEO data API

Build your cutting-edge solutions using Freshgeo RESTful APIs. We cover the most search engines amongst all API providers and offer full feature SERP and keywords data, for both mobile and desktop.
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Real time search results and accurate results

Straightforward and simple, you will spend only few hours to configure the integration, Just test it and feel it, we'are confident you're going to like it
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